Product Description

Renowned Australian Weather and Nature photographer, Jacci Ingham, shares her passion for chasing storms and reveals her secrets of mastering the art of weather photography. In this comprehensive guide Jacci teaches you everything you need to know about capturing your own landscape and lightning images. She clearly explains the equipment used, and details the camera settings for the various times of day and meteorological conditions.

‘The Art of Weather Photography’ is full of dramatic photographs that capture the moods, expressions and colours of a monsoonal climate and the strikingly beautiful Australian landscapes. You will soon be capturing your own images like a professional.

This book is suitable for all ages. It contains a useful glossary to help the novice reader. It covers definitions of common terms, acronyms and popular jargon used by storm photographers and covers both photography and meteorological subjects.

All photos, writings and illustrations within are by Jacci Ingham.

Now Available online and from the Gallery. Colour Paperback A5 64 pages. The Art of Weather Photography by Jacci Ingham is a comprehensive guide for photographers interested in learning or refining your photographic ability — Learn tips, techniques and jargon used by weather,nature and general photographers…

eBook is also available via online book stores just google book title and author.. The Art of Weather Photography by Jacci Ingham