Jacci has always had a fascination with nature and science, particularly weather and the climate. Her passion for chasing storms and to capture the drama and spectacle of the Australian wet season has taken her on an incredible journey. Jacci has mastered the art of weather photography enabling her to capture nature at its most beautiful and rare.

All of Jacci images are genuine with minimal post-processing and none are superimposed or artificial.

Jacci has featured images in several publications such as but not limited to

  • 2014 BBC Focus Magazine Science and technology magazine
  • 2014 NT Life Volume 4 Front cover and 14 additional images to showcase the very best of the Northern Territory
  • 2011 Australia Government Publication State of the Environment Publication.

Jacci has also been engaged as a chase guide for documentary makers such as

  • 2013 Storm Chasing guide BBC documentary on ‘Storms in the Northern Territory’
  • 2012 Storm Chase Guide for the Japanese NHK Broadcasting, Kyodo Television and featured in the documentary ‘Great Nature’ Episode about the Northern Australian Thunderstorms

And featured in regular news and current affairs programs such as

  • 2014 Channel 9 – Feature on Storms in the Top End, NT
  • 2013 Regular images in NT News
  • 2012 ABC 7.30 Report Show Top End Storm Chasers.

To see a video of Jacci in the field chasing the elusive perfect lightning shot view this video which has had over 20 million hits. It shows how close Jacci was to the actual strike. There are a lot of videos showing lightning strikes however there are limited videos showing how close a person was in relation to where the lightning hit and that makes this video rather special

You Tube video by a fellow storm chaser William Nguyen-Phuoc
Close clear-air lightning bolt Darwin Australia¬Ě – Uploaded on the 26 Dec 2010.
This is not my video but I am the person in the video.